New dishes at Lure

October 23, 2018

If you love Lure’s seasonal seafood dishes, check out the latest culinary creations coming out of the kitchen. Lure’s added an incredible selection of raw crudos and tartare to the dinner menu, a brand new burger on the lunch menu and some delicious updates to your favorite brunch dishes.

Scroll to see some of these new menu items and make plans to enjoy the latest flavors from your favorite Midtown seafood spot.

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YELLOWFIN TUNA peach, burnt orange, yum yum


HAMACHI bloody mary, white radish, avocado


STEAK TARTARE horseradish, steak sauce, benne crackers


New to the lunch menu:

DIVE-STYLE BURGER red onion, house-made pickles, sharp cheddar, pork belly, yum yum sauce


CRISPY FISH TACOS fresca, charred corn relish, avocado, radish


New to the brunch menu:

FLAT IRON STEAK grilled onions, steak sauce, horseradish, over easy eggs, potatoes 


SMOKED SALMON sesame bagel, herb cream cheese, arugula salad


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